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About us


Cancellaro Bros extract blocks of limestone, which are bound to the working factory, from the last existent quarry of Padula Stone.

The extraction of unbroken blocks is a burdensome and extremely delicate task.

It is the biological history of the territory, formed by Cretaceous limestone and dolomite (on this account the area is reach in Karst phenomena) which gives to Padula Stone the consistency and the likeness that made it famous.


In 1306 Tommaso Severino, Count of Marsico, began the construction of the "Certosa di San Lorenzo" (better known as "Certosa di Padula") destined to become one of the most superb monuments of southern Italy.

The works lasted for over 5 centuries, until the first decades of the 1800's, contributing to the creation of a deep-rooted tradition in the working of the white Padula stone.

Cancellaro family is the natural heir of this tradition, this family for many generation has worked the stone with unchanged passion, restoring monuments and recovering historic centres, as well as trasforming such stone into fireplaces, portals, fountains, bas-reliefs, and object with an elegant and classic design devoted to gladden public and private life moments.

The Padula stone weather-proof and its particular white hue make it suitable for any environment.

The firm realizes stone workings in series and made to measure, manufactured on an industrial scale or handmade, for inside and outside furnishing.

The enterprise's philosophy is oriented towards the vivication of master stonecutters'crafting skills, that keeping old technics alive, makes possible for its customers, architects and designers the realisation of real unique pieces.